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CodeCyan MoneyQuiz Website Script Download

What is MoneyQuiz Script?

CodeCyan MoneyQuiz Script is a customizable quiz website script that you can use to create your own quiz website and offer users a playable quiz game where users can play quiz, answer questions and win rewards.

Purchase and download the latest CodeCyan MoneyQuiz website script and create your own playbale quiz website that users can play quiz, answer questions and win rewards.

MoneyQuiz Website Script Features. What you get with this?

  • Technical Support 3 months of free technical support (Installation, Setup, and Guide). Customisation doesn't include.
  • Customizable Easy to customize colors, placeholder texts, questions and rewards.
  • Versions Available v1.0
  • License One purchase per domain
  • HTML & JS The script is built using Bootstrap v5.2 and Javascript.

  • Pricing: Version v1.0 cost Rs.1999/- Rs.2999 only.

How to Buy MoneyQuiz Website Script

To buy the MoneyQuiz website script, click on the BUY NOW button below, fill all the required details on the next page and in the amount box enter 1999. Make sure to enter correct details since we'll get in contact for processing your order. Once the payment is successful, we'll process your order within 24 hours.

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